JLR Digital
Certified Program


The JLR Digital Advertising program is designed to provide Jaguar Land Rover Retailers with proven products and services which will allow you to dominate digital marketing in your local market while promoting what makes your JLR store unique.

Your preferred digital advertising vendor will provide a customized set of strategies and solutions:

  • Increase your store’s website traffic through effective and strategic digital advertising campaigns
  • Build out your digital media plans to meet your dealerships overall advertising strategies
  • Utilize turnkey solutions which streamline Co-Op submission and creative asset compliance
  • Robust reporting and campaign metrics allow for expert refinement in strategy

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Powered by industry exclusive real-time bidding and machine learning, Dealer.com Advertising applies unsurpassed shopper data and website and inventory automation to deliver the industry’s most effective digital ads to every relevant shopper at every critical moment.

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If you really want to get noticed by car shoppers and search engines alike, you’re going to want to pair your website with top-notch marketing services. Allow us to create a customized strategy that combines bid and budget management, robust keyword research, real-time inventory advertising, and transparent reporting to deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

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Dealer Inspire Digital Advertising focuses on paid search in two ways. The first is via a team of experts that carefully inspect the accounts, A/B test campaigns and read search term reports like some read their Sunday paper. The second focus is through Fuel, our software tool that generates dynamic paid search ads for each vehicle in stock. Fuels’ intelligence and scalability is beyond most competing tools as it modifies AdWords bids based on vehicles age and popularity. Click below to learn more about our comprehensive digital advertising offerings.

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