JLR Digital
Certified Program

Certified Digital Retailing

The JLR Digital Retailing Certified Program offers a variety of best-in-class, industry-leading, and proven solutions for Jaguar Land Rover Retailers to incorporate into their digital showroom. Solidifying the purchase process online is becoming increasingly important to align with how customers want to transact today. Creating a seamless, efficient and enjoyable car-buying experience.

Through your preferred certified vendor, you can benefit from:

  • Choice in innovative Digital Retailing tools that align with your store’s needs and preferences
  • Robust reporting and metrics
  • Alignment with compliance and Brand standards

Choose Your Vendor

CarNow is a fast growing technology company focused on fundamentally enhancing the way in which dealers communicate and transact with their customers. Our leadership team has a split background from best-in-class enterprise software and automotive companies. Our solution was built in cooperation with individual dealers and dealer groups providing input along the way.

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To be omni-channel you need the same F&I experience happening online. Darwin Automotive provides personalized retailing solutions that offers a consistent consumer experience at every touchpoint. With Darwin Online F&I remains a steadfast profit center that a retailer can continue to rely upon. Since consumers experience multiple touchpoints from online self-service, to over the phone, to in-dealership, Darwin has a solution for each. The consistent experience using patented prescriptive analytics are always providing accurate and personalized F&I product suggestions.

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Online ShopperTM is the next-gen digital retailing solution that brings your entire customer experience and buying process online, driving confidence and convenience from end to end.

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Each partner will provide a single paragraph to be used as their “why choose us” statement. This text will be presented alongside the same from other partners. It is recommended that this be limited to 3-4 sentences and under 100 words.

Digital Motors is the industry’s premier online sales solution. Customized to each dealership’s business rules, branding and profitability requirements

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Gubagoo is the leading provider of conversational commerce solutions for automotive dealerships and OEMs. Dealerships use our powerful messaging and digital retailing solutions to activate the online car buying and servicing experience from their website or Facebook. Our retail specialists deliver a handheld, guided shopping experience through chat, text or live video, increasing buyer conversion rates.

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