JLR Digital
Certified Program

Take Your Sales to New Heights

Jaguar Land Rover Retailers can now partner with some of the leading names in Automotive Digital Marketing, including some of the most innovative newcomers by enrolling with one of three certified website partners.

Retailer Websites

The JLR Digital program is designed to provide Jaguar Land Rover Retailers with proven products and services which will allow you to dominate digital marketing in your local market while promoting what makes your JLR Retailer unique.

Your Retailer website platform is your online showroom and the foundation for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Your preferred partner will offer a unique set of strategies and solutions to assist you with:

  • Creating a best-in-class online showroom experience
  • Improving your online presence
  • Increasing retail sales and profitability
  • Supporting owner loyalty and customer satisfaction
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Digital Advertising

The JLR Digital Advertising program is designed to provide Jaguar Land Rover Retailers with the ability to launch strategic and effective digital advertising campaigns to drive incremental traffic to your website.

Your preferred digital advertising vendor will provide a customized set of strategies and solutions:

  • Increase your store‚Äôs website traffic through effective and strategic digital advertising campaigns
  • Build out your digital media plans to meet your dealerships overall advertising strategies
  • Utilize turnkey solutions which streamline Co-Op submission and creative asset compliance
  • Robust reporting and campaign metrics allow for expert refinement in strategy
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