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At Adpearance, our approach begins with a complete analysis of your sales goals, market and competitors. Our approach begins with a complete analysis of your sales goals, market and competitors. From there, we build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to maximize your marketing ROI and drive more car sales. Here’s how:

  • Custom campaigns built from the ground up. Rooted in years of automotive expertise, we’ll design campaigns that are specific to your business—they’ll look like you, sound like you and deliver the results you need.
  • Alignment of business goals with online opportunity. We fine-tune your dealership's website through SEO by targeting valuable keywords, writing geo-targeted content, managing local directory listings and optimizing your website’s ranking signals. We continuously reevaluate our strategy against your business goals to ensure we are taking the best actions on your website to improve health in your local online market.
  • Performance-driven advertising strategy. We’ll find your best sales prospects and get their attention wherever they show up online. We offer display, search, YouTube and Facebook advertising services to help you develop a comprehensive digital strategy that drives car sales.
  • Proactive, transparent service. Your Account Director and Marketing Strategist will actively manage your SEO strategy and provide ongoing updates. You’ll know exactly how well your website is performing and how your marketing dollars are being spent, along with recommendations to drive improved performance.

New Inventory Digital Advertising

Using paid search, display ads and remarketing to drive new car sales

Our strategy is to align your advertising plan with your customers’ online shopping behavior to drive maximum car sales. In practice, that means:

  • Custom-built paid search, display and remarketing campaigns around makes and models, branded terms, conquests, your dealership and your dealership locations.
  • Custom creative using your assets, voice and messaging so that your ads are relevant, memorable and branded.
  • Deeper reporting with 24/7 online access to your reporting dashboard. In addition to basic metrics like impressions, clicks and click-thru rates, the Adpearance system, FourPort, includes actionable data including the top keywords that brought potential customers to your site and phone call recordings to track, listen and score leads.

We use our particular expertise to:

  • Ensure your ads are seen. Always. For paid search, that means we always rank in the top positions, numbers 1-3. Once customers with purchase intent have engaged with your site, but not purchased, we continue to remarket to them using highly customized display creative.
  • Drive conversions, not just clicks. With our highly-targeted campaigns and ad creative, we drive the most relevant audience to your site. This means we are not only driving shoppers to your site, but we are converting them into buyers better than anyone else.

Used Inventory Digital Advertising

Writing unique ads for every piece of used inventory on your lot

Particularly in the used market, consumers know what they are looking for. Adpearance makes it easier for buyers to connect with your dealership by writing a unique ad for every piece of used inventory on your lot. We accomplish this through, Foursale, our proprietary dynamic used inventory advertising system. Foursale:

  • Connects with your inventory management system.
  • Writes a custom ad for every piece of used inventory, focusing on the most compelling features from low miles to competitive price.
  • Uploads campaigns to target specific keywords related to actual used inventory. Once the piece of used inventory sells, we stop promoting it, maximizing every dollar spent.

Social and Video Campaigns

Driving awareness and brand engagement through Facebook and YouTube

To drive awareness, increase website traffic and enhance brand engagement, we recommend Facebook and YouTube for social and video promotion. With both platforms, we focus our messaging on precisely targeted audiences. All social and video campaigns include:

  • Dealer-specific, custom ads and where video is applicable, we leverage existing dealership assets or Tier III supported media.
  • Targeted audiences with demonstrated interest in auto brands and models by utilizing targeting methods such as: audience interest, remarketing, contextual topic, demographic and managed placements.

Smart Onsite Optimization

Optimize your website for search engines and customers

We make constant improvements to your site to improve how search engines and customers find you online.

  • Technical onsite improvements. We focus on technical factors behind-the-scenes that ensure your site is accessible and crawled by search engine robots.
  • Metadata optimization. We optimize your website’s metadata to help search engines and customers find your website on search engine results pages and to increase click through rates.
  • Copy optimization. We update existing website copy to adhere to search engine optimization best practices.

Landing Page Development

Strengthen your website with fresh, targeted SEO content

We create a content strategy based on your dealership’s business goals and local market.

  • Leveraging your ranking opportunity. We focus our efforts on the search opportunities you have to rank organically by constantly evaluating search engine algorithm changes and your website’s organic performance.
  • Conversion driven landing pagesTo target your market, we build responsive landing pages with geo-targeted copy that is unique to your dealership. We optimize your landing pages by using internal linking strategies, schema markup and conversion driven CTAs.

Enhanced Google My Business Management

Establish a strong presence on Google Maps with accurate and highly optimized content.

Your dealership’s Google My Business (GMB) listing is the second most important tool after your website. It’s crucial that your information is continually protected and optimized online.

  • Manual GMB monitoring and updating. We will update your GMB profile by hand, using SEO best practices to optimize your dealership’s business information, story and photos by reviewing user and Google generated edits.
  • Traffic and conversion tracking. Your website is not the only tool driving traffic to your site. We provide monthly local search reports on GMB performance, including the total number of organic phone calls and website clicks from your listing each month.

Local Directory Optimization & Management

Optimize your dealership in the local directories that matter most

98% of customers find businesses through search engine results pages. Of that 98%, 40-50% of clicks come from the listed local maps. We update local directories to ensure your business is easily found online and represented accurately.

  • Expand your dealership’s visibility. We optimize your dealership's information for specific data aggregators that reach 100+ local directories.
  • Continuous distribution and monitoring. Your local directory optimization is ongoing. We watch out for incorrect addresses and duplicate accounts as we continuously monitor and optimize your listings.

YouTube Optimization and Management

Driving awareness and brand engagement through YouTube

To drive brand awareness, increase website traffic and enhance brand engagement we work with your existing YouTube video content to optimize your YouTube channel as a stand-alone offering.

  • Enhance your channel for your viewers. We update the images and content on your YouTube channel and manage comments and feedback.
  • Video optimization. We take the video content you create and improve its ability to drive traffic to your website. We update your metadata, add annotations and write closed captioning to help you capture your entire YouTube audience.

24/7 Access Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

Built specifically for auto dealers to deliver the information that matters most

Transparency is a requirement for any successful sales machine. That’s why all of our digital marketing services come with FourPort; full access to data, drilled down to the campaign level. Dealerships working with Adpearance have 24/7 online access to:

  • Campaign performance: clicks, impressions, click-through rate, average cost per click, average position and form submissions.
  • Organic traffic data: evaluate the quality and quantity of visits to your website with month-over-month and year-over-year metrics.
  • Top keywords data: understand keyword rankings and movement along with information about what keywords bring customers to your website.

Dedicated Account Directors

The Nerdherd’s got your back

Every dealership is assigned their own personal, dedicated Account Director. Your AD is continually monitoring your dealership’s performance and working with our Marketing Specialists to ensure that your SEO strategy is on track. In addition to bi-weekly check-ins and reporting, whenever you need to get in touch, your personal AD will be there for you.

Other Digital Services for Jaguar Land Rover Dealers

We’re certified for Digital Advertising, SEO and Foureyes® for Jaguar Land Rover dealers

Adpearance is a full-service digital agency specializing in digital marketing solutions for auto dealerships. Our Jaguar Land Rover Certified Digital services include digital advertising, search engine optimization, and Foureyes®.