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Does Your Digital Storefront Have an A-Team?

Dealer.com delivers the technology and partnership to help dealers deliver a personalized consumer experience and turn shoppers into buyers. We are committed to the health, growth, and longevity of our clients through our suite of Cox Automotive software solutions assembled to be the best dealer partner we can be.

Build your best Digital Storefront Experience

Dealer.com Websites

Fueled by UX research, data science and exclusive integrations with Cox Automotive brands, Dealer.com websites bring JLR dealers a full-service, personalized digital storefront experience designed to meet the consumer wherever they are in their purchase or ownership process. With all-new, site-wide search capabilities, a brand-new Search Results Page experience, guided vehicle comparison, fixed ops website personalization and consumer reviews integrated on the homepage, Dealer.com websites reduce friction throughout the consumer journey, saving time and creating long-term customers for dealers.

Your success fuels our success. Our partnership includes a dedicated Performance Managers. A trained expert who delivers proactive digital marketing consultation focused on your success. Each month, you’ll hear from your expert, who will deliver key actionable insights you can use to impact your business in the short term.

Connect your cars to in-market shoppers with expertise and data you can’t get anywhere else

Dealer.com Advertising

Dealer.com Advertising combines more than a decade of digital advertising experience along with in-market shopper data and Cox Automotive business intelligence to deliver the most effective advertising portfolio aligned to your strategy. Our platform deploys personalized, integrated ad campaigns that use advanced data-targeting, AI, and impactful creative to reach prospective vehicle buyers and owners through paid search, display, social media and video channels.

Specialized digital marketing expertise.

Dealer.com Managed Digital Services

Our digital experts help dealers unlock their digital marketing potential through cutting-edge strategy and execution. Through advanced Search Engine Optimization, compelling digital campaign creative and professional social media, interaction and website management, our custom digital services elevate digital performance and eliminate the burden of juggling multiple vendors, freeing dealers to focus on day-to-day operations.