JLR Digital
Certified Program

Online Store Solutions for Progressive Dealerships

Digital Motors is a configurable digital retailing platform that enables an end-to-end online sales and financing process for the automotive industry. Supported by firm offers of credit, Digital Motors presents transactable lease and finance payments tailored to each specific vehicle in a dealership’s inventory, taking into account available discounts, rebates, and incentives.

Digital Motors can activate its online stores in less than 24 hours – fully configured to each retailer’s business rules, profitability requirements, and branding.

Customization: Configurable Online Stores.

Powered by your business rules and themed to emulate the underlying brand’s corporate identity, the Digital Motors Online Store becomes an integral part of your business. We offer specific designs for Jaguar Land Rover stores or can create custom themes to reflect your dealer group’s brand guidelines.

Inventory : Search & Filter Inventory.

Provide a clean display of new and preowned vehicles complete with transactable lease, finance, or cash payments. Customers can browse your inventory by make and model, or filter search results by exterior paint, body type, and other attributes. Once a customer selects a vehicle, they enter the purchase funnel.

Vehicle Details: Packages, Options & Build Data.

Vehicle details pages provide in-depth descriptions, from exterior and interior features to mechanical specifications and installed options. Customers can also view related vehicles, allowing your dealership to present compelling offers on aging inventory.

Calculator: Transactable Payments.

Customers can structure their monthly lease or finance payments to fit their budgets. Digital Motors accounts for everything including dealer discounts, OEM and lender incentives, as well as sales tax and registration fees to provide a penny-perfect breakdown in your customer’s shopping cart.

F&I Products : Tailored Menus & Pricing.

Display your F&I products in a consumer-friendly way, with detailed descriptions, flexible pricing options and custom imagery. Configurable F&I menus present attractive monthly payments and provide your customers with peace of mind while optimizing dealership profitability.

Financing : Firm Offers of Credit.

Customers can complete a secure online credit application that is routed to one or multiple lenders of your choosing for instant decisioning. Applications are viewable through your credit aggregator system, as well as the Digital Motors Sales Portal. Finance offers contain your dealership’s customary markups.