JLR Digital
Certified Program

JLR Digital Certified Program

The JLR Digital Program simplifies Digital Marketing by providing compliant website platforms, proven, lead generating processes and seamlessly integrating brand campaign content and offers with your website for a consistent messaging across Tiers.

Our team of experienced JLR Digital Marketing Consultants have a single goal: to improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts.



Live core program support and consultation, updated brand content, coordination with Ansira on JDMP & LRMMP CI / compliance, no long-term contracts and new technologies.

  • More Choice – Multiple providers allow Retailers to customize their website and digital marketing strategy.
  • More Transparency – The decision to work with a select group of providers allows insight into program level metrics, reporting, and benchmarks. This transparency allows you to evaluate your digital performance in comparison to like-sized, non-competitive dealers across the country.
  • More Support – Multiple levels of Retailer support are available to answer program questions, provide guidance to improve digital performance, and share innovative ideas and recommendations based on industry insight. In addition, enrollment in the JLR Digital Program provides the following support consultants:
  • Digital Consultants – Inbound and outbound phone and email support functions as a one-stop-shop for any program related inquiries. Our support team manages all Retailer questions and can assist with site updates regardless of vendor platform saving you time.
  • More Innovation – Multiple providers encourages a progressive environment which promotes the development of fresh creative solutions, allowing you to utilize cutting-edge products and services.
  • More Efficiency – Offering these products and services at scale enables JLR Digital to pass on cost savings to the Retailer body and quickly bring new solutions to market.